Spring Driving Hazards

Posted on April 10th, 2020 by ncapmanage

With winter fading away and warmer weather upon us, you may think that driving hazards are behind us for the most part (at least until next winter). However, spring driving can be more dangerous than you might realize.

Rain and Flooding

Slippery road conditions and flooding caused by spring rain can make for dangerous driving. Wet pavement reduces your car’s handling capabilities and increases the distance needed to stop by up to four times. Furthermore, reduced tire traction and large puddles can lead to hydroplaning.

Wind and Hail

In addition to rain, spring often brings stormy weather accompanied by strong winds and hail. To make matters worse, the weather becomes volatile, meaning you can leave your home in the bright sunshine and end up struggling to control your car during a raging hailstorm. When faced with dangerous spring weather conditions, always drive with extra caution and never hesitate to pull off the road and park in a safe place until the storm passes.

Potholes and Winter Road Damage

All over Chicagoland, winter wreaks havoc on the roads. Salt, sand, and snowplows all take their toll, leaving spring roads covered with new potholes of all shapes and sizes. Be ready to dodge these road hazards and if you are driving a junk car in Dolton, spring might be the perfect time to consider upgrading to a safer vehicle.

Increased Activity

People aren’t the only ones who want to get outside during the warmer weather. Animals large and small are extremely active during the spring. This means more animals running across roadways as they emerge from hibernation and begin the mating season. Keep in mind most animals, especially deer, are more active at dusk and dawn.

Cyclists also emerge from hibernation during the spring, so make sure to keep an eye out for bicycles – especially when you’re turning, parking, and changing lanes. With an extra bit of caution, everyone will enjoy the warmer weather safely.

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