Signs Your Transmission Needs to be Replaced

Posted on September 12th, 2018 by ncapmanage

Your car’s transmission is an intricate system that is made up of various parts. Since the transmission is made up of so many different components, it is not unusual for it to wear out over time. At New Cat Auto Parts, we have a huge selection of Chicago auto parts for your vehicle.

Leaking Fluid

Leaking transmission fluid is a sign that your car needs attention. Transmission fluid is critical to your car’s shifting abilities. Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid is not burned during use, so if you notice that it is running low, it is almost always a sign of a leak. A transmission leak can not only cause serious damage to your car but also the environment.

Warning Light

Sensors in your vehicle will recognize vibrations and early problems with your transmission that you may not be able to feel or see. One of the most common warning lights on your dashboard is transmission temperature. This means that your transmission fluid is too hot and is causing your transmission to operate at a higher temperature. If this light appears, check your transmission fluid level and engine coolant level immediately. It is best to have this inspected by a professional to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly.

Odd Sounds

It is important to recognize any odd sounds that your transmission might be making. If you have a manual transmission, a common sound is a grinding noise when you shift into gear. This noise means that you may have a worn clutch or need to get it adjusted. If you have an automatic transmission, if you hear a whining, buzzing or humming sound this indicates that there might be a problem with your transmission.

At New Cats Auto Parts, we thoroughly inspect all of our used parts to ensure that they are dependable parts that will get you back on the road. If you are experiencing issues with your transmission stop into your Chicago auto parts shop to find a replacement today.