Questions Used Parts Dealers Will Ask When Buying Used Parts

Posted on February 25th, 2019 by ncapmanage

As a vehicle owner whose car is on their last leg, you are probably looking to see your auto parts to a used parts specialist. Before you do this, you should note the type of questions that they might ask about the auto parts during the transaction in Riverdale.


Before selling used parts in Riverdale, owners MUST have all of the relevant paperwork for the car. Buyers will want to know specific information on the part’s manufacturing standards and its performance capabilities that can only be found in the original paperwork. By having the paperwork handy, owners can ensure that it is a smooth and easy process.

Last Repair

As a vehicle buyer, when we buy larger parts such as an engine or transmission, we will need to know the part’s maintenance history. Since we are going to hopefully fix them up and sell them again it is pertinent that we know when the part was last repaired and if it has been regularly maintained.


This might be obvious, but for smaller auto parts that you are trying to sell, make sure to test them before taking them to be sold. It doesn’t need to be in pristine condition by any means, but it does need to work and be in decent condition.

If you have any other questions about used auto parts in Riverdale, do not hesitate to reach out and ask any of our staff members at New Cats Auto Parts.