Protecting Your Car from the Summer Heat

Posted on June 25th, 2018 by ncapmanage

We can’t think of a better feeling than driving through Chicago during the summertime with your windows rolled down and the radio turned on. But the summer heat can take its toll on your car, causing you to need Chicago auto parts as a replacement. Follow these general guidelines to protect your car for the remainder of summer.

Check the Coolant

Your car’s coolant is responsible for making sure it does not overheat. Check your car’s manual to see exactly how often you should flush your coolant system and replace the fluid. This is an important thing to do year-round, but especially in the summer!

Check the Battery

If your battery is overheating, it can cause the battery fluid to evaporate faster, which can lead to things like corrosion on the terminals and connections. If you’re wondering whether or not your battery is running properly or if you need auto parts in Chicago, the professionals at New Cats Auto Parts can help!

Inflate Your Tires

Tire blowouts occur in the summer due to either underinflated or overinflated tires combining with hot pavement and brake friction. If you are wondering what level of inflation your tires should be, refer back to your owner’s manual and follow those guidelines. Other signs of potential problems with your tires include bulges, cracks and unevenness.

Even though summer isn’t over, you might find yourself in need of Chicago auto parts. Contact New Cats Auto Parts to see how we can help you!