How Often to Replace Your Tires

Posted on March 15th, 2018 by ncapmanage

Your car’s tires will likely take a beating throughout their lifetime. Just think of all of the conditions they have to endure: snow, sleet, rain, ice, grass, mud, potholes, foreign objects and many more. Especially in a city like Chicago that experiences the extremes of all four seasons, it’s no doubt your tires go through a lot. If you need new tires or other auto parts near Alsip, New Cats Auto Parts is your one-stop shop.

Refer to Your Owner’s Manual

Of course, how often you should change your tires depends on your car, your tires, how often you drive and in what conditions you drive. The tread, or grooves and ridges, on your tires help grip the ground, but they wear down over time. On average, your tires will have a life between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends changing your tires every six years regardless of the number of miles on your car. If you have questions, refer to your owner’s manual. It can offer suggestions about when to replace your tires based on your car’s specific model and tires.

Proper Tire Care

If you’re constantly accelerating hard or slamming on the brakes, it will cause more damage to your tires. Avoid potholes and check your tire pressures at least monthly. If your tires have too little or too much air, it will cause the treading to wear down much faster.

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Source: KBB