How to Find Parts at a Junkyard

Posted on May 18th, 2023 by ncapmanage

A Few Tips on Searching for Junkyard Parts

If you need replacement parts for the auto repairs needed to get your vehicle back on the road, buying used parts is a great way to save some of your hard-earned bucks. But where are these parts and how do you find them?

Here are a few suggestions from your friends at New Cats Auto Parts on finding used auto parts in junk yards.

1) Know the type of junkyard.

Basically, there are three types of salvage yards, the self-serve, you-pull-it type, full-service yards, or what we might call hybrid yards which offer both options.

If want to save a few dollars by pulling the parts yourself, be sure to bring the needed tools and wear the proper clothing, like close-toed shoes. If you’re looking for heavier parts, like an engine block, it’s a good idea to ask employees for help in moving the part once you’ve found it.

Or, you might want to skip the self-serve part altogether and pay a few extra dollars to have an employee locate and remove the part for you.

2) Avoid certain types of parts.

The rule of thumb here is that it’s better to buy some parts that are new. In particular, avoid buying used parts that are prone to deterioration, like belts, hoses, and brake parts, like brake pads. If you need any of these, it’s probably better to buy new parts.

3) Look for tell-tale signs of wear and tear.

Again, let’s take the example of an engine block. If all a block needs are some new gaskets and a little scrubbing to remove years of accumulated grease and grime, that’s fine. It should be fine to have a second life in your vehicle. On the other hand, if on close examination that engine block has a crack in it, you don’t want to install it in your car or truck.

If you don’t feel comfortable evaluating parts, then bring along an experienced mechanic to help you in finding the usable parts you need.

4) Search in Advance.

Before you go to a particular yard, see if you can locate the needed part or parts in advance. Search online if a junkyard provides that option. If not, call and ask them if they have the part you need.

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