When to Get A New Transmission

Posted on February 20th, 2018 by ncapmanage

It’s likely you don’t give much thought to your car’s transmission until you need to. Transmissions repairs are just one thing that we handle at New Cats Auto Parts. If you’re in need of a new transmission or any other auto part in Crestwood, please reach out to us today!

Here are some surefire signs you need a new transmission.

  1. Rough Shifts

If your car makes a “thud” sound every time you shift gears, it’s likely a problem with your transmission.

  1. Transmission Slipping

This occurs when you’re driving in one gear and suddenly it switches without warning. Other signs of transmission slipping include your car feeling like it’s suddenly underpowered.

  1. Fluid Leaks

If you notice leakage spots along your driveway or on the floor of your garage, this means you probably need to have your transmission checked. It often leaks either a bright red, dark red or brown color.

  1. Delayed Engagement

There might be a delay before your car engages into drive from park. If your car is revving without moving forward, this is a sign of delayed engagement.

  1. Transmission Warning Lights

If any of the above signs occur at the same time as a “check engine light,” your best bet is to take it into a professional to get their opinion.

Our auto parts shop in Crestwood is happy to help answer any of your transmissions-related questions. Visit us in person or call us today!


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