Bad Transmission Signs You Need To Watch Out For

Posted on October 31st, 2022 by ncapmanage

One of the things no automobile owner ever wants to hear is “You need a new transmission.”. This statement immediately creates visions of crisp, hundred-dollar bills flying right out of your wallet. Learning to recognize the warning signs of transmission failure can save you money and potentially avoid more serious damage to your vehicle.

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What Are The Signs Of A Transmission Problem

Early detection of transmission issues can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. It also pays to know what to look for when you’re encountering a failing transmission. That’s why you should get your vehicle inspected as soon as your detect any of the following problems.

  1. Difficulty Changing Gears

    If your car is having difficulty, or downright refusing to allows your gears to shift, then you are likely facing a transmission issue.

  2. Weird Noises When In Neutral

    If your car is making strange noises like a grinding sound when in neutral, there is a pretty good chance something is wrong with your transmission.

  3. Slipping Gears

    If your gears slip in and out of place while driving, not only is this a terrifying situation, but it is also an indicator that you need to have your transmission looked at immediately.

  4. Dragging Clutch

    When you fully depress the clutch pedal, the clutch disc should disengage completely. If it does not, the clutch will drag which is commonly caused by a mechanical failure.

  5. Burning Smells

    If you notice any burning smells coming from your car, get to your local auto shop. This odor could be indicating that your car is overheating and needs a transmission service as soon as possible.

  6. Leaking Fluid

    Leaking transmission fluid leaves a red, sweet-smelling puddle of fluid underneath your car. Have your mechanic check the automatic transmission fluid level and inspect for potential leaks.

  7. Unusual Sounds

    Regardless of whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, you should never hear grinding, clunking, humming, or whining noises coming from your vehicle. There are a number of reasons your car could be making these sounds, but all of them need to be addressed by a professional auto mechanic.

  8. Grinding Or Shaking

    Any type of grinding or shaking that happens when the gears change is a sure sign there is a serious issue with your transmission.

  9. Check Engine Light

    Although your check engine light can come on for a variety of reasons, it is a safe bet to have your auto technician assess the situation.

  10. Unresponsive Vehicle

    If your car fails to respond when you try to change gears, especially when attempting to switch from park to drive, it is more than likely caused by an issue with your transmission.

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