6 Basic Tips – Your Car Maintenance Tips for Summer

Posted on July 19th, 2022 by ncapmanage

When we think of weather that’s hard on your car, most of us probably think about winter driving conditions. In reality, summer heat can be equally brutal on your vehicle, and proper summer car care is extremely important. That’s especially true if you’re planning to hit the road for a summer road trip with the family.

To help keep your vehicle running satisfactorily all summer long, your friends at New Cats Auto Parts offer these 6 summer car care tips.

1. Take care of the oil and oil filter

Oil is the life blood of your engine, and it’s essential to have clean oil and a clean filter. Extreme weather conditions – like summer heat – put an extra strain on your engine, the oil, and your oil filter. So, get both oil and filter changed. A clean filter means cleaner oil, and cleaner oil means a happy, better running engine!

2. Check all the fluid levels

Oil is crucial, but other fluids are extremely important as well to keep your vehicle operating properly. These include your brake and power steering fluid and probably most importantly, the coolant in your radiator. Overheating is one of the primary causes of summertime engine problems, and it’s extremely important to maintain the coolant level when temperatures are soaring. If you’re not sure how to check these fluids, have your favorite mechanic check them for you.

3. Check your battery

You may not realize it, but summer heat is the leading cause of battery failure that can leave you stranded. So, while checking the fluids, also have your mechanic test your battery, and if it’s over three years old, you might want to think about replacing it.

4. Maintain proper tire pressure and rotate

Tire pressure varies according to the weather. In winter, pressure can drop, while summer can increase tire pressure, potentially leading to a blowout. If you still have the original tires, maintain the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. If you have replacement tires, maintain the pressure recommended on the tire walls by the tire manufacturer. And be sure to check your spare tire pressure too.

While you’re at it, to extend the life of your tires it’s a good idea to have them rotated about every 3,000 – 5,000 miles.

5. Check your air conditioner

As summer temperatures climb, you certainly want your vehicle’s AC working properly. If it’s blowing hot air, your refrigerant level may be too low. So, be sure to have your mechanic check it and add more refrigerant if needed.

6. Check the brakes

You probably used your brakes a lot dealing with hazardous winter driving conditions, and for safety’s sake you want to make sure they’re ready for summer driving. When you brake, listen for any squealing or grinding noises, and take note if your brakes are pulling your vehicle to one side or the other. If you notice any of these signs of trouble, it’s probably time to have your brakes repaired.

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We can’t always guarantee that life will give us a smooth ride, but we hope these summer car care tips will help you enjoy many miles of pleasant summer driving. When those inevitable breakdowns occur, however, we hope you’ll remember your friends at New Cats Auto Parts. We’ve been serving Chicagoland motorists since the days when Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Fats Domino were the kings of rock ‘n roll, and when you’re in need of quality used auto parts, we want to serve you as well.

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